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Mornings on the porch ⛵️⛵️⛵️

Last moments of summer… Queen, Early May 1970 - shot by Oliviero Toscani on Crete.

1950s gingham organdy for cocktails at the yacht club… (CC: @susanwinget) (at Chester Yacht Club)

The Uribe residence in Mexico City - photographed by Elizabeth Heyert.

The view from our dock looking towards the Tancook Islands. (at Nova Scotia)

Morning beauties from Burda Moden, 1976.

Detail of a photograph by Annie Leibovitz of NYCB dancers Darci Kistler and Robert LaFosse, 1990.

A Cutlass in the Nova Scotia sun…

Goddess Ursula Andress in Elio Petri’s ‘La decima vittima (The Tenth Victim), 1965.

Landing in Nova Scotia 🌲🌲🌲

Rod Stewart and Kelly Emberg giving perfect airport realness, c. 1985. (at Newark Liberty International Airport - Terminal A)

Sunrise over Manhattan 🌇 (at Willamsburg Bridge)

The deco dreamworld of Emidio Greco’s ‘L’invenzione di Morel (Morel’s Invention)’, 1974.

The office of the Minister of Culture and Communication in Paris, designed by Andrée Putman, 1985.

The terrace overlooking the pool of a home on the Quinta da Alegria, in Sintra, Portugal - it was built in 1801 and restored in 1970. The obelisk is by John Batchelder. Photo by Henry S. Fullerton III for Architectural Digest, July/August 1973.

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